Secure Payments

The transmission related to each payment information takes place through the highest security standards.
In this regard, we would like to point out that the data of each credit card will be totally unreadable to third parties.

On ZOOODE.COM the customer can freely choose between different payment methods:
- credit or debit card : Visa, MasterCard , American Express, Visa Electron, rechargeable credit cards;
In this case, in order to pay and complete the transaction with your card and without needing to register with the Paypal platform, after selecting the desired item, it is essential to click on the "Check out" or "express check out with Paypal ". At this point, a screen will appear before your eyes that allows you to access Paypal if you are already registered (at the top) or to access the "pay with card" option (in the lower part) with which you can enter the data requested without having to register with the Paypal platform.
- PayPal : you can buy online conveniently, without having to enter your credit card information on the site. The account is debited upon completion of the order. To learn more, visit the Paypal site;